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Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B)
Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B) Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B) Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B) Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B) Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B)

Orico Micro USB wireless charger pad (Type-B)

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Make your android phone compatible with wireless charging with this handy Orico charging pad. Includes a German chip for longer range and better quality

Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-TAZZ01-WH
EAN: 6936761885577

Micro-USB (Type-B) Qi receiver for wireless charging

To be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly, it must be equipped with the Qi charging protocol. However, some phones do not support this charging standard. Do you have a smartphone with micro-USB (Type-B connection) that you would like to charge wirelessly, but that does not support the Qi protocol? Then this Qi receiver from Orico is the product you need.

Operation of the Qi charging pad

The Orico receiver patch is very easy to use. You connect the receiver to the port on your phone. By removing the sticker you ensure that the receiver can be stuck to your phone. Stick the receiver patch directly on the back of your smartphone. You can now charge wirelessly. 1A is supported.

German intelligent chip

The receiver contains a German TI intelligent chip. This guarantees a low heat output. In addition, the chip ensures that your smartphone can be charged quickly, safely and stably wirelessly and that there is a longer range with better quality.

Ultra-thin design

The charging pad for wireless charging from Orico is very thin, so you hardly notice that it is attached to your phone. As a result, you can place a cover on your phone for the time being, provided it is not too thick. This can hinder reception of the receiver.


Not only is it very convenient to charge your phone wirelessly so that there are no cables in the way and you can easily grab your phone while charging, it also makes the interface of your phone last longer. During charging with a cable, you often have to plug the connector in and out of the phone. Now this is no longer the case, so that the interface of your phone and the cable are no longer damaged. The micro-USB port is also protected against dust and water because the receiver patch is constantly connected. No more dirt can get into the interface, which in turn ensures a longer lifespan.


Orico's Qi charging pad can be used with phones that have a type-B micro-USB port. Of course, the use of the receiver is not necessary if your smartphone already has the Qi charging standard.

Micro-USB Type-B

How do you know if you have a micro USB Type-A or Type-B port? Many people don't know that there are two different micro USB ports. If we are talking about micro-USB Type-A port, then this is actually the standard Android / Micro-USB port. The micro-USB Type-B port is a variant that occurs with somewhat less well-known brands. In the pictures you can see what micro-USB Type-A / Type-B is. This way you can determine which variant you need before ordering.

Product specifications:

✔ Model number: ORI-TAZZ01-WH.
✔ Type: Qi receiver for wireless charging.
✔ Compatible with phones with micro USB Type-B port.
✔ Output: 5V-1.
✔ Ultra-thin design.
✔ Durable.
✔ German IT Intelligent chip for better quality.
✔ Transfer distance: <0.6 mm.
✔ Conversion efficiency: max. 75%.
✔ Conform: CE / RoHS / FCC.
✔ Color: white.
✔ Weight: 6 grams.
✔ Product dimensions: 95mm x 44mm x 1mm.



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