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Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White
Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White

Orico Wireless face fan - 2000mAh - 3 positions - White

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Cool your face in style with this rechargeable fan from Orico. Light weight and easy to carry, three positions and vertically tiltable. 2000mAh.

Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-WT-H1-WH

Wireless fan for on any desk or to hold

This wireless Orico mini USB fan is very handy to use if you can cool down. For example, place the fan on your desk while working, on your bedside table during an afternoon nap, or on your school table while studying. The mini fan will provide a cooling breeze, which is very pleasant. The product is lightweight and compact, making it easy to take it anywhere. It is designed so that it can be set down, but can also be held to cool your face. It can also be used wirelessly because it is rechargeable.

5V USB power supply

The mini USB fan from Orico is easy to use in many places. You can connect it to your computer or laptop with the included type-A to Micro USB cable, but also to a power bank, car charger or 5V charger. As soon as the fan is powered or pre-charged, you can switch it on and off whenever you want.

2000mAh capacity

The vertical mini USB fan can also be used when it is not connected to power. This is because it contains a 2000mAh battery. You can charge the fan in 3 hours, after which it can be used for up to 10 hours (at the lowest speed). If you have the fan at medium speed, it will last up to 4.5 hours. At the highest speed, it will run on battery for 3 hours.

- Press once for low speed.
- Press a second time for the medium / medium speed.
- Press a third time for the highest speed.
- Press a fourth time to turn off the fan (the LED indicator will also go out).

Vertically adjustable / rotatable

A handy side effect of the white portable fan is that it can be rotated at different angles. You can tilt it until it blows exactly the right way (max. 15 degrees turn). So you can choose whether you want the cool air in your face, or perhaps just on your upper body.

No noise disturbance

Large fans can produce a lot of noise, especially if there are incredibly high settings. The advantage of this wireless mini USB fan is that it produces almost no sound. The sound is below 35 Decibels. This means that you are not easily distracted while working, studying or sleeping.

Product specifications:

✔ Vertical USB fan.
✔ Wireless and portable.
✔ Battery capacity: 2000mAh.
✔ Charged in 3 hours.
✔ Lasts up to 10 hours in the low setting.
✔ Material: ABS + PP.
✔ Power supply: 5V-1A (can be used and charged via laptop, power bank, car charger, 5V charger).
✔ Input: micro B.
✔ Output: USB-A.
✔ Vertically rotatable / adjustable.
✔ Fan noise: <35dB.
✔ Including USB-A to Micro B cable.
✔ Color: white.
✔ Weight: 148 g.
✔ Product dimensions: 37mm x 97mm x 180mm.



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