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Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver
Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver

Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD Aluminum Enclosure - 40Gbps - Unique Design - Silver

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Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVME M.2 SSD enclosure. Achieve a data transfer of up to 40Gbps. Suitable for NVMe M.2 SSD drives up to a capacity of 2TB. Color: silver.

Article number: ORI-SCM2T3-G40-SV

Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure 40Gbps

Do you have the latest technology in the field of data storage, but you don't have the right housing yet? Then you can consider the latest Orico NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure. This Thunderbolt ™ 3 enclosure ensures that a theoretical speed of up to 40Gbps is achievable. Combined with a unique design and the latest technology, this is exactly the product you need if you have a Thunderbolt ™ 3 USB-C interface. The enclosure is suitable for NVMe M.2 drives with a capacity of up to 2TB.

Thunderbolt ™ 3: Extremely fast data transfer up to 40Gbps

The Orico NVMe M.2 SSD external hard drive enclosure has Thunderbolt ™ 3. The product is certified by Intel. This results in very fast data exchange like never seen before. For example, high-quality images, VR technology and other large files can be exchanged very quickly and easily. An official 50 centimeter Thunderbolt ™ 3 USB-C cable is included. The performance is improved by the built-in Thunderbolt module with JHL6340 control chip. This makes files processed even faster.

Note: this Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure can only be used if you have a Thunderbolt ™ 3 USB-C port. The product is not backwards compatible with USB-C ports that have the USB 3.1 protocol and below.

M.2 interface VS MSATA interface

The NVMe M.2 interface is another alternative to the MSATA interface developed by Intel. The reading and measuring speed of the M.2 interface can reach a maximum reading speed of 2300 MB / s and a maximum writing speed of 2100 MB / s. This is due to the achievable 40Gbps through Thunderbolt ™ 3 technology. The size of the M.2 interface is also different from that of the MSATA interface. For example, the M.2 interface is only 2.75 mm thick and therefore a lot smaller than the MSATA.

Versatile in use

Thanks to the various screw holes, the NVMe M.2 enclosure can be used for different types of NVMe M.2 drives. It is possible to install the following drives: 22x30, 22x42, 22x60 and 22x80. Check in advance whether your NVMe M.2 disk fits in this Orico NVMe M.2 Thunderbolt ™ 3 housing.

Note: this enclosure is only suitable for NVME M.2 drives.
The NVMe M.2 hard drive enclosure is therefore NOT compatible with M.2 SATA drives.

Wide Compatibility


  • Apple - MacBook Air, MacBook Pro.
  • Huawei: Matebook X Pro
  • Dell: XPS13-9360 / XPS15 9560 / G7-7588
  • Lenovo: V729-14 / V730-15 / IdeaPad720S-13.3
  • HP: ThinkPadT490 / T480 / T480S / T470 / T470S / T470P.
  • Asus: Specter X360-15-ch / ZenPad 3 Pro.

Desktop Apple:

  • iMac
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro
  • Mac Mini

Installation of the Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure

1: unscrew the front and back.
2: Push the PCBA board from the back to the front.
3: Lock the screw on the back and attach the drive.
4: Place this in the housing and close the back cover.

Ultra-thin design with sleek finish

The Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 enclosure is made of aluminum, which has a number of advantages. This way your NVMe M.2 drive is protected at all times against disruptions, but also against overheating. This results in the best performance of your NVMe M.2 drive. Good to know is that the housing can of course get warm. Don't worry about heat, this is a normal process. The NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure is equipped with an LED indicator and has an automatic sleep mode after 10 minutes.

What's Included?

In addition to the housing, the following is included:
1x USB-C 3.1 to USB-C 3.1 cable.
1x bag of screws.
1x screwdriver.
1x user manual.

Product specifications:

✔Product type: Thunderbolt ™ 3 NVMe M.2 SSD enclosure.
✔Type: ORI-SCM2T3-G40-SV.
✔ Material: aluminum.
✔Output interface: USB-C.
✔ Chip: JHL6340.
✔ Transfer Speed: Up to 40Gbps.
✔Capacity: up to 2TB.
✔ Installation: with screwdriver.
✔ For Windows / Mac.
✔ Includes Thunderbolt ™ 3 USB-C cable.
✔ Color: silver.
✔ Weight: 88 grams.
✔Product Dimensions: 104.2mm x 44mm x 15.4mm.



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