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Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL
Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL

Orico Rubber Mouse Pad - XL

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Great mouse pad for use during gaming or design. Enough space for a mouse and keyboard or laptop and mouse! Made of high quality and natural materials. With anti-slip bottom.

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Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-MPA9040
EAN: 6954301169178

XXL game mouse mat made of natural rubber

Do you regularly use a mouse with your laptop or computer? Or do you use a keyboard and mouse every day for work or during gaming? Then this XXL mouse mat from Orico is an ideal product for you! Not only can you use your mouse on the mouse pad, but you can also put a whole laptop or keyboard on it. This keeps the items neatly in place and makes working and / or gaming much more comfortable.

Excellent quality
The Orico XXL mouse pad for use during gaming or working is made of natural rubber. It is a non-toxic, soft and comfortable material. The natural rubber easily absorbs moisture like sweat, can tolerate high temperatures, has high elasticity and is odorless. The gamers mouse pad was made using a new, thermal printing technology. As a result, the colors of the canvas surface are incredibly clear. It is an environmentally friendly product.

Nice finish
Because the XXL game mouse pad / desk mat is very fine and neatly cut, it is a durable and beautiful product. The stitched edge also ensures durability. The canvas surface is delicate and supple, making the positioning of the mouse very accurate. The mouse pad is suitable for everyone to use, but especially for gamers and designers who need to make precise movements with the mouse.

Anti-slip design
The anti-slip design on the bottom ensures that there is good grip. The mouse mat therefore remains well in place and does not shift on the desk or table. Vibrations are also absorbed.

Easy to get clean
The mouse pad for during designing or gaming can easily absorb moisture such as sweat. It is certainly fresh after the sweat is absorbed when the mouse mat can be cleaned. Fortunately, the mouse pad can be easily washed in water without the colors fading and the canvas surface being released.

Product specifications:
✔ XXL mouse pad (also suitable for laptop / keyboard!)
✔ Perfect for use during gaming or in the office.
✔ Materials: natural rubber, multi-spandex and memory foam.
✔ Print: monochrome silkscreen.
✔ Easy to clean with water.
✔ Excellent workmanship.
✔ Comes in a box.
✔ Anti-slip.
✔ Color: black with blue.
✔ Weight: 788 grams.
✔ Product dimensions: 900x400x4mm.



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