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Orico mini USB humidifier and fan
Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan Orico mini USB humidifier and fan

Orico mini USB humidifier and fan

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Cool your office, living room or bedroom and humidify the air at the same time. This is easy to achieve with this handy USB fan from Orico.

Brand: Orico
Article number: ORI-WT-FHU-BL
EAN: 6936761882019

Orico mini USB humidifier and fan in one

Can you use a cool breeze during the hot summer days? Or do you want to restore the humidity to, for example, hydrate your skin? Then this USB fan and humidifier in 1 is the product you need. Effectively cooling and humidifying the air is very easy with this stylish, light blue USB fan. Thanks to a built-in water tank and battery, you can increase the compact product with you everywhere.

User-friendly and compact

The fan and (air) humidifier are very user-friendly and compact. You can take the product with you everywhere because of the small size, the built-in battery and the light weight. The fan can be rotated 180 degrees, so you can position it as desired. In addition, you can fold / fold the stylish, light blue fan yourself, making it easy to take anywhere.

How does the USB humidifier and fan work?

First of all, you can set the fan speed by pressing the button.
Press 1 time: slow speed
Press twice: average speed
-3 presses: high speed

You can also set the humidifier for water spray:
Press once: turn on the spray.
Press twice: batch spray (spray for 3 seconds, then pause for 3 seconds).
- Press 3 times: turn off the spray.

2000mAh battery capacity

The light blue USB fan and humidifier in one is equipped with a 2000mAh battery. This allows you to use the fan not only when it is connected to a USB port (laptop, power bank, via adapter), but also without being supplied with power. At low speed, the fan / humidifier lasts 5 hours. At medium speed 3 hours and at high speed 1.5 hours.

400ml water capacity

The USB humidifier and fan is equipped with a water tank with a capacity of no less than 400 ml. Do you use the spray continuously? Then this will last no less than 10 hours. If you put it on the batch spray stand, you can enjoy the water spray for 20 hours. The water level of the tank can also be seen through the modern design. So you can see exactly when the water needs to be refilled. The spray volume is 35ml per hour.

Various colors can be set

Another nice side effect of this blue 2-in-1 fan and humidifier is that you can set a color. LED lighting is incorporated in the product, which can be set as desired. For multi-color mode, long press the spray button. Press it twice as long to choose one fixed desired color. Don't want lighting? Then press and hold the spray button three times.


The product is made of high quality and heat resistant materials, including ABS, PP and silicone. It is a leak-proof design, because the bottom is equipped with a rubber ring. The spray stops automatically when it is below the water level.

Product specifications

✔ Product code: ORICO WT-FHU.
✔ Mini USB fan and humidifier.
✔ Fresh breeze and water spray for good humidity and hydration.
✔ Material: ABS + PP + silicone.
✔ Power supply: 5V (can be used via laptop, power bank, car charger, 5V charger).
✔ 2000mAh battery: rechargeable.
✔ Charging time: about 3 hours
✔ Water tank capacity: 400 ml
✔ Spray volume: 35 ml / hour.
✔ With various color modes.
✔ User-friendly and compact.
✔ Excellent security.
✔ Power: 2W.
✔ Input: micro B.
✔ Output: USB-A.
✔ Can be rotated 180 degrees.
✔ Including USB-A to Micro B cable.
✔ Color: light blue.
✔ Weight: 290 g.
✔ Product dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 160mm. Unfolded: 80mm x 80mm x 220mm.



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