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Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black
Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black

Wireless massage gun - 30 speeds - 2600mAh - 6 massage attachments - black

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Massage gun with 30 speeds and 6 attachments to let your muscles recover and relax faster. Cordless massage gun with a lithium battery of 2600mAh.

Article number: ORI-JX-703-BK

Wireless massage gun for muscle recovery and relaxation

Do you want your muscles to recover faster after a heavy workout? Or could you use a relaxing massage? Then you can do that from now on with this wireless massage gun from Orico. A massage gun is used by professional athletes and is also a very good addition for any physiotherapist, athlete or other fitness and rehabilitation related professional. Not only can this massage gun provide the necessary relaxation, it also promotes blood circulation in the muscles. This allows for a better recovery and can improve mobility.

The benefits of the massage gun

The massage gun is useful for various purposes. Are you a (professional) sport and do you want to recover your muscles? Then you can warm up your muscles with this massage gun before training. After training, you can relieve the pain and massage your muscles for better blood flow and faster recovery. Not only is this massage gun suitable for athletes, this massage gun is also very suitable if you suffer from your muscles (such as muscle pain), tension or just to relax.

6 different massage heads

Six different massage heads are included with the massage gun. This means that the massage gun can be used for the entire body and you can be sure that you have the right attachment for every place. In combination with the right intensity, you will achieve the best result.

  • Round massage head: improves muscle recovery and reduces sore muscles after, for example, a workout.

  • Ball Head: Specially designed to treat joints, trigger points and muscle knots.

  • U-shape massage head: relaxes the firm back muscles and improves flexibility.

  • Flat massage head: provide an extra massage for muscles that need it. It stimulates a 'deep tissue massage', suitable for the deep tissue (12mm) to reduce muscle tension and make your muscles more relaxed.

  • 'dampener' massage head: suitable for sensitive muscles and areas where the skin is close to the bone.

  • 'Finger' massage head: suitable for stimulating 'deep tissue massage' on specific pain points/muscle tensions. This attachment makes it easier to hit the core of the muscle in order to improve the complaints.

Powerful motor – 30 speeds

This massage gun from Orico has no less than 30 speeds, which can be divided into four levels.

Level 1 /1200+-100 RPM -> position 1 to 10: suitable for relaxing the muscles.

Level 2 2100+-100 RPM -> Level 10 to 20: suitable for extra blood flow to the muscles to reduce acidification and allow the muscles to recover faster after a sports session. If your muscles are acidified after exercise, take a rest, support the recovery process with a relaxing and recovery-promoting sports massage and provide the right nutrients.

Level 3 / 3200+-100 RPM -> Position 20 to 25: suitable for a 'deep tissue massage'.

Level 4 / 6200+-100R RPM -> Level 25 to 30: Professional mode for athletes. This position is perfect for intensive deep tissue massage and annoying muscle knots. Use the bullet massage head for this.

Which muscles can you massage with the massage gun?

  • For palms and soles
  • For bulk muscle groups such as arms and thighs
  • For cervical vertebrae and Achilles tendon
  • For all parts of the body, provides a gentler massage. For flat muscle groups that need a deeper massage.
  • For relieving muscle tension and precise treatment.

CAUTION: Do not use this device on the same part of the body for 15 minutes at a time! In case of injuries or other complaints/conditions, first consult your supervising doctor.


2600mAh battery capacity, LED touchscreen and very quiet

The powerful massage gun from Orico has a 2600mAh lithium battery, which means that this massage gun can be used wirelessly for hours. Ideal to take to training sessions or, for example, a physiotherapy practice. The massage gun suitable for muscle recovery and relaxation can be charged in four hours thanks to the included Micro-USB charging cable. With the LED touchscreen you can see what the speed is and for what percentage the massage gun is charged. The massage gun is ultra quiet (20-40dB) and turns off automatically after 15 minutes. Do NOT use the massage gun for more than 15 minutes on the same body part.

Product specifications:

✔ Product Model: ORICO JX-703.
✔ Product name: Fascia massage gun.
✔ Product material: ABS+PC.
✔ Color: black.
✔ Rated power: 12V 2A,24W.
✔ Charging Port: Type-C
✔ Charging Capacity: 5V 1.7A Max
✔ 30 speeds.
✔ Charging time: 4 hours.
✔ Battery capacity: 2600mAh.
✔ Battery type: lithium battery.
✔ Engine speed: 6050+-12% RPM (no load).
✔ Motor torque: 0.24Nm Max.
✔ Accessories 6 massage heads, charging cable.
✔ Compliant: CE FCC RoHS
✔ Lightweight & firm grip.
✔ Can be used wirelessly.



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